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The Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals alongside the basic direction of its activity attends also to the production of certified reference materials for non-ferrous metals and its alloys. Our offer includes certified reference materials – spectral (for calibration of spectrometers) and chemical (for chemical analysis).

The spectral certified reference materials have a form of discs 40 mm in diameter and 20 mm to 30 mm height as well as in form of rods 6 or 10 mm in diameter and 100 mm long.

The chemical reference materials have a form of a powder of determined grainsize (ores, concentrates), of chips (metals) and rods of various dimensions.

Each of the reference materials was analysed by at least five industrial laboratories and research centers. The standard reference materials certificates comprise the mean values of each element concentrations, the confidence intervals or uncertainty values, the list of laboratories cooperating and chemical methods used for certification.

From May 2021 we have the accreditation of the producer of reference materials for compliance with the PN-EN ISO 17034 standard, granted by the Polish Center for Accreditation.

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The standards presented in our CATALOGUE comprise the following materials groups: